Strategy Strategic Advisory & Partnership

We provide tailored, market-based commercial and development strategic advisory for Africa.

We provide tailored, market-based commercial and development strategic advisory for Africa. We support companies and institutions across the private, public and social sector in order to generate growth strategies for their business in the African market. We assist and advise our clients throughout their project lifecycle, market entry and research, identifying investments and business opportunities, legal and administrative tasks. We work with startups, SMEs, large enterprises, investors, institutions and governments, and we have successfully helped our clients improve their performance and presence in Africa. Furthermore, we work closely with European and African Governments. Our consulting approach is multi-sectoral and multi-disciplined across the following sectors: infrastructure, transport, telecommunication, energy, gas, mining, health, agriculture, water, distributions, industry, tourism and finance.

Business Strategy & Market Entry

We assist companies with market entry strategies, including extensive market and sectorial analysis as well as business and delegation trips.

Identifying Commercial Partners

With an extensive network in the public and private sector, we build partnerships, assist in screening of potential partners who are leaders in their respective industries.

Relation with Governments

We engage in investment promotion, strengthening relations between corporates and governments, and showcasing attractive investment opportunities.

Financing & Capital Raising

We accompany our clients who are looking for some additional funding and introduce them to the leading providers of equity, debt and structured finance for their projects.

Modelling & Asset Valuation

We assist our clients to address all the valuation issues, ranging from strategic, transactional and operational decisions through to compliance and monitoring.

Trainings / Human Capital Management

We provide guidance on intercultural work, trainings, talent placement and help our clients maximise the potential of their teams and assess all the challenges.

Current Projects